High bays are widely used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution, automotive, and many other large indoor areas. We have a large variety of fixture types, styles, wattages, and looks. Our showroom has many of our popular LED High bays on display. Come see them shine.

FYT led high lumen Linear high bays

  • IP65 waterproof, dust proof, and corrosion resistant
  • milky optical cover 140 lumens/watt efficacy
  • Replaces 400w HID (150w/180w) to 1000w HID high bays (250w)
  • 150w version = 22,000 lumens! / 180w version = 25,000 lumens!
  • 120 degree beam angle, >80 CRI, Meanwell Driver
  • 5yr warranty
  • DLC listed

FYT UFO Skybay

  • IP65 for indoor and wet locations
  • Philips 3030 LED, 125~130lm/w standard, 150lm/w max.
  • Intelligent light system for your industrial areas, 0-10V dimmable for optional
  • Optional clear glass cover, clear PC cover and PMMA lens


  • Available from 110W 155w, 220w
  • 110w - 13,000 lumens / 155w -19,382 lumens / 220w - 25,960 lumens
  • Incredibly value priced
  • Dimmable
  • 5000k
  • DLC listed
Limore UPH

Limore UPH

linmore ultra-performance-high bay

  • 141 Lumens/Watt Delivered
  • ParaBars: Extruded Aluminum
  • LED Driver Enclosure: Aluminum
  • Highly Engineered Parabolic Shape
  • Adaptive: Add, Remove, Relocate ParaBars™ as area needs change over time

These and many more fixtures available at our LED Direct showroom.  

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